I am  storyteller in visual media with a lot of experience in art, applied- and commercial work and education.


Storytelling is a communication tool. I use photography, video, text, and sound integrated in the diversity of media-context to accomplish a communication goal.


I love working with storytelling projects (mixed media projects), curating exhibitions, layout, web- and book design, corporate identity,  branding and commercial artwork.


Theo: “ I have always been fascinated as an artist by the surrounding environment. 


Here I see new connections between people in context and in their environment. With open mind, wonder and without  judgment, I try to visualize these connections in images.


I try to visualize my story so that I can share it with others. 


I am a storyteller who interprets an amazing world in images. Let the spectator now interpret my images and stories”.

Theo Derksen has a fascination for change. He travels a lot, his photos testify to this; but his photography - not like that of a reporter - is about astonishment, not the awe of the tourist ("How strange is all this, how different from us"), but the surprise of a child who is wondering what it sees , without really needing answers to the questions that come up. We motivate this same open, childlike surprise in Derksen's photography of people, people in situations that are not specifically defined by place, time or action.


The viewer does not immediately know where or why the photo was taken, but on closer examination, a not always univocal meaning emerges. Effectively when you are confronted with Derksen's photographs, you adopt his way of looking, the vigilance and the wonder of a child who looks at the world.


The meanings are not fixed on a journey, the message and the context are constantly shifting, changing constantly as places change, the environment changes. The great quality of Derksen's photographs is that they start with the simple rendering of reality, but that reality, as always, is deceptive, a temptation of the eye; then in our mind we release the bond with the superficial meaning. In front of the context we observed and peel away the layers of conventional seeing from reality. We develop images in our spirit of worlds, which are hidden behind this reality. Images that reach us through the eye, but slowly and surely hang in the mind.


Derksen graduated as BA photographer and BA audiovisual designer at the Breda University of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. He studied two postgraduate courses at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He worked for 15 years for various magazines, newspapers and companies. He was also a part-tme professor at the ZUYD University Applied Arts in Maastricht. He taught photography, audiovisual design and research. For the last 15 years he was head of the visual communication department and involved in the foundation of the new faculty, Media Design and Technology at ZUYD University - Applied Arts in Maastricht. He was a member of the management team of this faculty and worked as a member in the research team Infonomics and New Media. In recent years he has again focused on various art and art projects as an artist and entrepreneur.


In addition, Derksen collaborates with Lilian Creemers, visual artist, art director and curator, in art productions for art and cultural projects. Together they organize and initiate inspiring presentations, exhibitions, art and culture projects, public activities and educational projects. Making relationships with and between other initiatives, art forms, social developments, collections and stories is the main goal.


Theo Derksen graduated as a BA photographer and audiovisual designer at the University of Visual Arts Breda in the Netherlands. Studied at two postdoctoral courses at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


He worked for 15 years for several magazines, newspapers and companies for the university ZUYD of Applied Arts in Maastricht have asked to join the teachers team. He taught photography, audio-visual design and research before he became head of the Visual Communication department. After this he was involved in the foundation of the new faculty of Media Design and Technology at the University of ZUYD and joined as a member of the management team.

He was a member of the management team of this faculty and of the research team Infonomics and New Media.


In recent years, he has again focused on various art and applied art projects 


His  art work is in national and international, private as well as corporate collections.

Selection: The Kodak archives USA, Polaroid Corporation photography collection, Bibliotheque National Paris Fr, Foreign photographers Moravian Museum Brno Cz, Collection Scheringa NL, Museum More Gorsel NL. Swinnen collection be, Andries collection be, Van Hoef collection nl, and many more personal and company collections. Fine Art Collection Weert. City Collection Yuhang/Hangzhou China. His photography has been awarded several times, including the Kodak Award, Amsterdam Stipendium for Art, Limburg Province stipend, Dunhill. He published in various books. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally.

Group exhibition



2018 Encounter, Hangzhou / Yuhang. Lilian Creemers, Theo Derksen, Chen Shu, Ma Denfeng

2016 Project Kind mijn Kind. Theo Derksen, Jos Wigman, Ernst Jansz.

2015 Art Issues Gallery Weert.

2015 Exchange program Weert - Hangzhou. Exhibition and publication

2014 Paris Photo, Espace Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. FR

2012 Limburgs Museum, Floriade, Venlo, NL

2012 Paris Photo, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. FR

2011 De Limburgers, Valkenburg. NL

2011 Art Walk, Eindhoven

2008 Stedelijk Museum te Roermond, OorzaakGevolg.

2006 Friends to Be Denied.Foreign Photographers in the Moravian  Collection: Bischof, Bill Brandt, Brassai, Theo Derksen, Alfred Ehrhardt,    

         Hugo Erfurth,Mark de Fraeye, Ralph Gibson, David Goldblatt, Lewis W. 

         Hine,Paul denHollander,George Krause, Maurer Dora, Pruszkowski,,

         Marc Riboud, Richter, Klaus Rinke, Zofia Rydet,Saul Shapiro

2005 Body-Art. Weert. Netherlands

2004 City collection modern art. Weert. Netherlands

2004 GKF-Helmond Netherlands- also curator

2003 National Museum of Art, Mexico City. Mexico. ZoneZero.

2001 Museum de Tiendschuur, Weert.

2000 Kunst Rai 2000

1999 Holland Festival, ATTACK

    Araki, Duane Michaels,Boudrillard, Fontcuberta, Michielsen, Muller-

    Pohle,Benhelima, Arbus, Attie, Derksen,Brunenberg.

1998 De Paviljoens, Almere

1998 Galerie USVA, Groningen.

1997 Biennale te Luik, BE.

    Atget, Gruyaert, Winogrand, Derksen, Aarsman, Davies,

    Fasteaekens,Kim Zwarts.

1997 Museum de Tiendschuur, Weert. Limburgse Kunstenaars.

Zelfportret: Jan Dibbets, Fons Haagmans, Rudy Beerens, Theo Derksen.

1996 Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede.

1996 Het Domein, Sittard “ Voyages, Images”.

1995 “Common Lives”, Stichting Fotografie Noorderlicht.

1994 USVA, galerie art show, Groningen.

1993 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

1990 “Dubbel Druk”. Noorderlicht & Leids Prenten Kabinet

1988 Fotofest Houston, Houston, USA

1988 Er is geen landschap om te dromen, Gouvernement Limburg, Maasticht. Kim Zwarts, Bas Vroege, Michel Krzyzanowski, Ger      

         Dekkers, Theo Derksen, Ton Huibers, Jo Brunenberg, Rommert Boonstra, Tajiri.

1988 “Geliefde Personen”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

1988 De Tiendschuur, Weert

1988 The Dunhill Collection, Provinciehuis, Maastricht.

1987 Trajecta, Maastricht

1986 “100 meter Foto”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

1985 “Medium Photography”. 

    Traveling exhibition, several museums in Europe.

1982 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


Solo exhibition



2016 Musica Sacra, Maastricht

2010 Musica Sacra, Maastricht

2010 Photogalery Pennings, Eindhoven

2008 Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert

2006 Hexgalleries, Heks, Belgium.

2004 Moravska Galerie v Brni, Brno, CZ.

2002 Gallery St.Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium

2002 Kunstcollege Weert: 

         “homeless Images” the project.

1998 Fotogalerie Noorderlicht USVA, Groningen.

1998 Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede.

1996 Het Domein, Sittard.

1995 “Ogenblikken”, 

          Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert.

1993 Fotopad 93, rondreis expositie, Euregio.

1993 De Vrijhof, Biennale Enschede, Enschede.

1993 Capi-Lux Vak, Eindhoven.

1992 Galerie 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 , Amsterdam.

1992 LAK galerie, Leiden.

1991 Gemeentemuseum de Tiendschuur, Weert.

1990 Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie 

         Den Tempel, Sittard.

1990 Galerie 68, Hoensbroek.

1989 Galerie Hoeben, Hasselt, Belgium.

1988 Canon Image Center, Amsterdam.

1988 Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie 

         Den Tempel, Sittard.