My art work is in national and international, private as well as corporate collections.


Selection: The Kodak archives USA, Polaroid Corporation photography collection, Bibliotheque National Paris Fr, Foreign photographers Moravian Museum Brno Cz. Collection Scheringa NL, Museum More Gorsel NL. Swinnen collection Be, Andries collection Be, Van Hoef collection NL, Fine Art Collection Weert. City Collection Yuhang/Hangzhou China and many more personal and company collections. 



My photographs are not assembled nor Photoshopped. 

Photoshop is only used as a digital darkroom.



Tattooed bodies, alienating babies, raw eroticism. More than twenty world-famous photographers will show their work during the entire festival in the exhibition ATTACK! Participants include Japanese Nobuyoshi Araki, Americans Steve Hart, Amy Arbus, Theo Derksen and Duane Michals and Frenchman Jean Baudrillard. Theme of ATTACK !, compiled by Johan Swinnen, is the border experience in photography.


Background information.

Confuse some images. That certainly applies to the photographs that Johan Swinnen, professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp, chose for the exhibition Attack !, which was given the subtitle Photography on the Edge. They are images that scan boundaries: the boundaries of intimacy, love, life, eroticism, the boundary between madness and the normal. The American Amy Arbus shows photos of babies that do not fully comply with our conventions; the Japanese Nomura in her series Naked Time let her eye lustfully glide over the bodies of young men, no less raw than the gaze of the famous erotomaniac Araki.

The Japanese Araki will show work in the exhibition that he made especially for this in the Amsterdam nightlife. The photographs of Maori's that Hans Neleman shot are remarkably unromantic. The same applies to the series A Bronx tale: The Impact of Aids that Steve Hart made of a New York family that in the eyes of many has certainly crossed the boundaries of society. In the exhibition there will also be a selection from the collection of an anonymous Dutchman who collects images of penises, photo-graphed by greats from photography history. The photographic exhibition aims to focus on boundaries that we have established in our society.


During ATTACK! various lectures take place in De Balie. Among others by the well-known French sociologist / philosopher Jean Baudrillard who is also an ATTACK artist! participates. In addition, a publication that contains essays from renowned authors such as Jean Baudrillard, Willem Elias, Pool Andries, John Berger, Anne Tucker and Edna O'Brian will be published.