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COMMERCIAL ANGELS - Hangzhou. China 2015 -


During my work trip in Hangzhou in 2015, I made  try-outs for  my ideas for my possible Grand Canal project (Hangzhou -Beying).


At night I always walked inside shopping centers in Hangzhou and saw the women in life size commercial posters, blasting in headlights. With my photography shrugged their faces out of context, a detail from the large billboards. When I saw the first images hit the resulting image of these "women" me deeply. The unexpected beauty "heavenly" of angels who came from "earthly" commercial. This was serendipity. 


The typical colors arose partly because I photographed my angels at night and only those sat for a light had this heavenly radiance. During the day it did not work! From the outset I have recordings of my angels in a round frame captured a circle as the circular image is common in Chinese art). An homage to where I met them, Hangzhou!


One of these Photographs was presented to the CEO , Chen Shu YoGo Design studio Hangzhou.

In the collection of Lilian Creemers and Bish Realestate.