My art work is in national and international, private as well as corporate collections.


Selection: The Kodak archives USA, Polaroid Corporation Photography Collection, Bibliotheque National Paris Fr, Foreign photographers Moravian Museum Brno Cz. Collection Scheringa NL, Museum More Gorsel NL. Swinnen collection Be, Andries collection Be, Van Hoef collection NL, Fine Art Collection Weert. City Collection Yuhang/Hangzhou China and many more personal and company collections. 



My photographs are not assembled nor Photoshopped. 

Photoshop is only used as a digital darkroom.



a small selection


A few years ago he had contact with Jean Baudrillard during a photo exhibition of Holland festival. Jean was not only a philosopher, but also a photographer and my colleague in the exhibition ATTACK. Jean has written a number of important works on the theme of "Disneyfication". In response to this, Theo had several conversations about the subject at the time and, through these discussions, Jean put him on the track. This has led to a now completed collection of photographic work with the appropriate title: "Disneyfication" which has been worked for over 10 years.


Lilian Creemers, curator. Stramproy 2017.


DISNEYFICATION book will be edited and designed by Teun van der Heijden. Amsterdam, New York.

DISNEYFICATION, the book and photographs are due to be presented in sept 2019 at Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven. 

After the launch in Eindhoven, the book and exhibition are going on tour.

DISNEYFICATION is the process whereby an area gets more and more characteristics of an amusement park. This creates a new place where people have to experience a perfect version of reality. The place is easy to understand and safe for everyone. Problems such as decay, poverty and traffic will be eliminated as far as possible.



is a visual photographic investigation into the creation of the representation of the hidden desires, craving and excitement in the disguise and concealment of 'ordinary' reality. In which research was done into geographical spread and the different expressions in the imagination and visualization of Disneyfication in public space. Research has taken place in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Derksen's many years of interest in the relationship between the image and the image, buildings and people, especially in public space, reality and representation are the foundation of this project. The relationship between image and image here is that the image is the representation of reality and the image is the merging of the image and the public space.



Derksen is always surprised and amazed by observing and recording, which go hand in hand with his fascination for this change. The change in which the public space changed by the intervention of the image. Thus, by globalization the place is no longer relevant. The design of public space displaces the geographic location. His interest is in particular that of the changing relationship of the people to the depicted reality and a direct reality.


In a sense, it does not show reality. The shifting relationship between these two realities is the big theme of our time.


With his photographic work, Derksen knows how to investigate and visualize the presence of two parallel worlds in public space.