Commercial Angels

A selection

During my work in Hangzhou in 2015, I made many try-outs for ideas for my Grand Canal project (Hangzhou - Beying).

At night I always walked inside shopping-malls in Hangzhou and saw the women in life size commercial posters, blasting in headlights. 

With my photography shrugged their faces out of context, a detail from the large billboards. When I saw the result these images moved me deeply. The unexpected beauty of angels which came from ‘earthly’ commercials. This was serendipity. 

The typical colors arose partly because I photographed my angels at night and only those sat for a light had this heavenly radiance. During the day it did not work! From the outset I have recordings of my angels in a round frame captured. As the circular image is common in Chinese art. An homage to where I met them, Hangzhou!

These photographs are in the collection of

    Chen Shu YoGo Design Studio Hangzhou, CN. 

    Lilian Creemers, NL. 

    Sharon Bish Real-Estate , NL.

    Alibaba Company, Hangzhou, CN.

     Hangzhou, city. CN.